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Tadeusz Bancewicz

Nonlinear Optics Division
"Institute of Physics"

A. Mickiewicz University --- ul. Umultowska 85
61-614 Poznań --- Poland

tel. +(048 61) 8295 236 --- fax +(048 61) 8295 167

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Recent publications
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Journal of Computational Methods In Science and Engineering - Editorial Board
see: JCMSE

The Scientific World Journal http://www.tswj.com/89047174/- Editorial Board ; CV + recent papers: http://www.tswj.com/editors/amp/

International Conference of Computational Methods in Science and Engineering
ICCMSE 2007 Conference (Corfu)

Kielich's JCMSE
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---(Valladolid_2008 - pdf file)

-- (S. Kielich, Molekularna Optyka Nieliniowa, rozdzial 5 (in english))
-- (S. Kielich, Molekularna Optyka Nieliniowa, rozdzial 1 (in english))

Symmetry-adapted components of the collision-induced properties

Symmetry-adapted components of the first hyperpolalizability for H2-Kr and H2-Xe pairs

(Nunerical data for H2-Xe)

Symmetry-adapted components of the dipole polarizability for H2-He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe
--- (SA components for H2Xe)
--- (SA components for H2Kr)
--- (SA components for H2Ne)

"Optyczna Spektroskopia Molekul van der Waalsa"

"Light Scattering Spectroscopy" - talk 14.05.2003
"Uniwersytet M. Kopernika w Toruniu" - marzec 2007
(in polish)
- (Other interesting lectures)

E-mail: tbancewi@zon12.physd.amu.edu.pl

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