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LAPACK Users' Guide
- Release 2.0

E. Anderson, Z. Bai,
C. Bischof,
J. Demmel,
J. Dongarra,
J. Du Croz,
A. Greenbaum,
S. Hammarling,
A. McKenney,
S. Ostrouchov,
D. Sorensen

30 September 1994

This work is dedicated to Jim Wilkinson whose ideas and spirit have given us inspiration and influenced the project at every turn.

1994 by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Certain derivative work portions have been copyrighted by the Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd.

The printed version of LAPACK Users' Guide, Second Edition will be available from SIAM in February 1995. The list price is $28.50 and the SIAM Member Price is $22.80.Contact SIAM for additional information.

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The royalties from the sales of this book are being placed in a fund to help students attend SIAM meetings and other SIAM related activities. This fund is administered by SIAM and qualified individuals are encouraged to write directly to SIAM for guidelines.

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