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Nonlinear Optics Division
C a l e n d a r

January 30, 1919

Faculty of Philosophy was set up (included natural sciences)

May 7, 1919

University of Poznan - official inauguration


Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science
Research in physics was carried out in:
Labolatory of Experimental Physics (1919-1937 A. Danizot, 1937-1939 H.Niewodniczanski)
Laboratory of Theoretical Physics (T. Peczalski)
Laboratory of Medical Physics (since 1922 - Faculty of Medicine)


In the post-war years Physics was re-introduced at the University in Collegium Chemicum (Grunwaldzla 9)
Labolatory of Experimental Physics (Sz. Szczeniowski)
Labolatory of Theoretical Physics (Sz. Szczeniowski)


Department of Experimental Physics (1950 Sz. Szczeniowski, 1951 S. Loria, 1952-1963 A. Piekara)
Department of Theoretical Physics (Sz. Szczeniowski, H. Cofta)
Labolatory of Medicine Physics
1958 - the first papers by S. Kielich (with A. Piekara) - Nonlinear Optics started in Poznan


Department of Experimental Physics was divided into 5 labolatories
S. Kielich became head of Dielectric Optics Labolatory

1964, 1966, 1968, 1970, 1972

I-V REK Conferences (Radiospectroscopy and Quantum Electronics) - Poznan


Department of Molecular Physics under S. Kielich divorced from Department of Experimental Physics
Four Laboratories:
Laboratory of Molecular Optics (S. Kielich)
Laser Labolatory (F. Kaczmarek)
Electro- and Megneto-optics Laboratory (M. Surma)
Laboratory of X-Ray Structural Studies (Z. Bohynski)

September 18, 1969

Institute of Physics was founded within the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
- headed by S. Kielich (1969-1973)

December 1, 1972

Laboratory of Molecular Optics was converted into the NONLINEAR OPTICS DIVISION

1974, 1976, 1978, 1980

VI-IX EKON Conferences (Quantum Electronics and Nonlinear Optics) - Poznan

October 15, 1993

Death of Prof. Stanislaw Kielich
Prof. Ryszard Tanas became head of Nonlinear Optics Division


Collection of Division's Publications - "Modern Nonlinear Optics" (ed. M. Evans, S. Kielich),
in series "Advances in chemical Physics" vol. LXXXV (ed. I. Prigogine, S.A. Rice) J. Wiley & Sons, New York.

July-October, 1995

Our Division moved to new housing in the university complex Morasko
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